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NOTICE: Due to changes in the way the RECAP Project is hosting court records from the federal PACER system, we are no longer able to retrieve and make available federal court records in a timely manner. The reason we created this web site in the first place was to make the RECAP records easier to access and use. RECAP's new web site, hosted at www.courtlistener.com, has greatly improved document searchability and accessibility. Therefore, we have decided that it is not worth the effort to re-engineer this site to work with the new RECAP API. This means that we have decided to retire the United State Courts Archive web site and direct you to other options.

All the records that were available on this site are now available at Court Listener. You can go there to search for the document(s) that you were trying to find here. In addition, the PlainSite web site also hosts federal court records.

In conclusion, please visit the following sites to find the record(s) that you were looking for:

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